Optimize LST Yield. Farm BSN.

Getting the most out of your LST tokens has never been easier. Simply deposit LSTs, use them in DeFi, and then redeem them for ETH or equivalents.

Unlock greater earning potential with kETH

1. Deposit LSTs

Deposit stETH, rETH, or dETH to receive kETH

2. Stake kETH

Start farming BSN tokens

3. Enjoy

Optimized LSD yield with a BSN bonus.

Experience kETH

Ethereum's benchmark rate token.

Predictable yield

Harnessing the composability of dETH, kETH can maintain a target rate

Built for DeFi

Mitigating inventory risk makes kETH great for restaking and farming protocols

Exit to ETH

Burn kETH for ETH or ETH equivalents. Always maintaining a smart contract path back to ETH

Automated Asset Manager

The AAM optimizes your LST yield by neutralizing dilution and composing an index of high yielding validators


kETH is the solution to LST tokens; It maintains an accountable inventory of staked assets to kETH minted

Peace of Mind

Claim your ETH anytime after the lockup period and reduce your exposure to the risks inherent in oracle based LSTs

Built for ETH Stakers.
Designed for DeFi.
Start Today.

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